Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boys' dinosaur room

So... as promised I got a burst of energy and cleaned up the boys shared room (I even washed the sheets... what?!?!) to take some pictures to share. As I posted yesterday we recently moved both the boys into a shared bedroom space in favor of having a playroom for them. It isn't anything fancy, but they seem to enjoy it. The best part is that I only bought two items to change this room up!

Here is the view as you come into the room. The bunk beds belonged to my husband when he was young. My boys think it is awesome that they get to build "forts" on the same bed as their daddy!

When we bought the house my older son was OBSESSED with dinosaurs so I knew I wanted to use them for his room.

I found the super cute quilt on the bottom bunk at Company Kids. Of course when I was ready to move the kiddos in together they had stopped carrying that particular quilt. I ended up just buying dino sheets from target (one of the two purchases) and using the plain red bed spread that came out of the other bedroom. I think I actually like the mix and match look better. I put the dino pillowcase on the bottom bunk and the pillow that matches the quilt on the top bunk to pull them together. 

One of the boys' favorite things is this giant t-rex decal.  I found it on Etsy. I  wish I could remember which shop but I don't. I know it is a little cheesy and over the top, but I am ok with that for my kids' rooms. And when they outgrow it all I have to do is pull it down!

This little nook was perfect for a garage sale desk I found when my oldest was a baby. I spray painted it Navy. 

This was my other purchase. The little cubby things from Target with mini baskets. Ignore the fact that it is completely not centered. I had a serious case of "Iwantthisdonerightnowitis"!! 

The chair was a clearance find at HomeGoods. It was painted with some car them. I spray painted it green and Mod Podged Dinosaurs cut out of scrapbooking paper onto the front and back! I do love me some Mod Podge.

Here is little man working away on his "laptop".

The drapes were some that we had used in our previous house. I added three colors of grosgrain ribbon and embroidery thread. 

I've had these lamps forever. I found them at Target years ago on clearance for like $10 per lamp with the shades. I spray painted the shade and added a fun display dinosaur inside. 

This sign was made by my mom and sister when my oldest was about a year. It is just a painted canvas with a wall decal on it. They splattered brown paint all over to look like mud and made "dirty handprints" with the same paint.

This is my favorite part of the room. My mom found this after we had already started the Dino theme. I painted this in second grade for the art and science fair. It is a finger painting and the legs are the sides of my hands. I love having this little piece of my childhood in my boys' room!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my boys' spaces! They won't win any design contests but my boys love them and that is enough for me!

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  1. My 5 year old is obsessed with dinos. This room is so sweet! I love the modge podge dinosaurs. I've never done modge podge and would love to try it. Do you have to put a protective coating on it? Love you framed artwork, too.

    1. You just use another layer of the Mod Podge over top as the protective coat! It is great stuff!