Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dining room makeover

Since I know you have all been just sitting on the edge of your seats to see my dining room makeover... here it is! :) First, lets do a quick before.

In the nook is the Beast's sister in all her black glory! See the room wasn't  bad... but a little heavy. First... those old lady curtains had to go. Those came with the house. Then I painted everything below the chair rail a nice bright white and above a soft bluish grey. I painted the hutch and sideboard and added a few other fun little details.

The lovely floral pictures were found at Home Goods for less than $15 a piece.... framed! I love that place. The runner is made from leftover fabric from the window treatment. To give it a little more interest I taped off a couple of stripes and painted some blue/grey acrylic paint with textile medium added to it. 

This mirror and the plates came from one of my absolute favorite stores, Nell Hill's. They have BEAUTIFUL decor in there. The furniture is really expensive but the accessories are surprisingly affordable! It is a little hard to tell in the picture, but the plates actually look like tree stumps. Crisp AND a little rustic! Be still my heart!

Here is a better shot of the hutch. I like her soooo much better in the grey. 

A chair that used to be in my office until I realized it wasn't nearly tush friendly enough for the amount of time I spend editing pics!

 I had bought two more white plates to hang here as well, but in my severe impatience to get them hung I cut corners and they fell and one broke. Whoops! So I found this old Pampered Chef woven platter and hung it. Then added a coffee filter wreath to lighten it up some. Cost.... nothing! Love that!

And finally... replacement window treatments. I did the faux roman shade treatment using the old mini blinds using this tutorial. It was so simple! And again I used fabric I had bought a long time ago for another project. So the only cost was liquid stitch, ribbon and the pom pom trim I placed across the bottom.

Here you can see that it functions perfectly as well. I rarely close it, but it is nice to have the option!

Over all this room makeover was very inexpensive! Mostly just the cost of paint. And I am very pleased with the result!  Let's take one more look at the before and after shall we??



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  1. How lovely is that! I think your new paint color shows off the pretty white furniture--it looks great.

  2. beautiful! You are so talented! Come make over my house, okay? Love, Linda

  3. What brand/colors of paint did you use for the walls?