Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Angry Bird obsession continued!!

As mentioned in this post my boys are currently obsessed with all things Angry Birds. After having bought a couple of costumes at the store for Halloween, they changed their minds and wanted to be Angry Birds instead! Of course they do! Since I am a sucker for home made costumes instead of the off the rack ones, I gladly obliged. I don't feel like I wasted money either. Seriously, boys wear costumes ALL the time, so the store bought ones will get plenty of use!

Fortunately, I am so very blessed with creative family members who are almost always willing to help when they are around. My younger sis came into town this last weekend and was wonderful to lend a hand in creating these "masterpieces". :) There is not a tutorial for this since, like most of my projects, it was a make it up as we go kind of thing. We went to JoAnn's and bought a couple of yards of black and blue felt off the bolt and then a few pieces of different color felt from the craft section of the store.

These are what we came up with!

Because on the game the blue bird becomes three I made a little stuffed one and his treat bag is also a blue angry bird!

couldn't get my little black bird to put his marshmallow down long enough for the picture!

Thanks again little sis!!! Couldn't have done it without you!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Gap kids knock offs

A while back my husband and I were looking through Gap kids looking for clothes for our older son. Mostly because we had a gift card. Now, I love me some Gap kids clothes, but our kids are WAY too hard on their clothes to justify paying their prices. Anyway, they had an adorable line of Super Hero clothes, including beat up jeans with Super hero logos and what not. I decided to take a pair of jeans that already had a hole in them and try my hand at a copy-cat pair.

This is the pair I was using as inspiration 

This is what I started with.

I ironed some fabric I had on hand onto the shiny side freezer paper and cut it down to the size of a regular piece of paper. I then found a retro image of Super Man on Google images and printed it straight onto the fabric.

I cut the piece of fabric down to size and sewed it into the hole in the jeans. Not gonna lie.... that was the hardest part. I think they are skinny jeans so they barely fit over my sewing machine, let alone did I have space to move it around to sew all the  way around the patch. But, with some finagling and persistence.... I finally got it!

I used some of the Tulip fabric paint markers for some of the other embellishments on this project. LOVE these things!

After I got the patch in place, I added a little POW and Superman's famous quote "More powerful than a locomotive"

I also added a little Superman emblem on the opposite leg.

My little super hero modeling

Totally had to bribe him with chocolate to get him to do this for me!

Update: There was a question about weather or not the ink from the printer would hold up after a wash and the answer is yes! I just got them out of the dryer and Super Man is unaltered! 

I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. I am only nervous about the fact that I realized too late that I had not pre-washed the patch fabric. Yikes! I hope they hold up after a washing or two!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Personalized home art

I am big on making the items I use to accessorize my home personal. Over the past few years we have moved more often than we planned to. We have now purchase three different homes. I am very much hoping that this one is more permanent than the last two ended up being. But each of those homes have been special to us, if for different reasons. The first home.... well obviously, was the first home we purchased as a couple. We felt like such "grown ups" when we accomplished that. In our next home we tackled updating an older home which had been a dream of both of ours. We did our first kitchen makeover and floor refinishing. So I wanted to include a small reminder of those homes here in this house.

I had the three picture frame laying around unused. I took a picture of the front of each of our three homes and edited with Adobe using the pencil sketch filter. I just place the pictures in and put small labels with the street address under each picture. I found the tiny keys at a scrapbook store and thought they would make a cute accent. At the top is a larger lable with a quote "There is nothing half so pleasant as coming home again." On the left is an extra scussion plate from the house we fixed up. On the right are just some vintage keys my husband's Grandma gave me.

Here are some close up pictures of each house.

Our current home

The older home we fixed up

Our first home.

It is just a small way to include a little of our family history.