Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More than Before and After

Who doesn't love a good Before and After! I know I get ridiculously excited about them. It is a lovely brief snapshot of transformation. Trash to Treasure, Blah to Beautiful... all in the blink of an eye, or the click of a mouse!

As I mentioned here we have been working on our kitchen the past few weeks. It is so close to being finished. I am waiting for some things to cure and then I can put it all back together! I am so excited! But this post is just a reminder to all of us that a project always consists of so much more than the Before and After! It is so easy for me to lose sight of that as I surf blogs or Pinterest. I see these gorgeous makeovers that appeared to happen with a simple wave of a wand. Oh, of course logically I know it didn't happen like that, but it seems so easy!

Well, in order to get to every beautiful rewarding After, you have to push through the During stage. The one we gloss over in our heads when we picture the potential of a room/piece of furniture/DIY whatever. I just thought I would pop in today and keep it real with some snap shots of the During for your viewing pleasure! But first... lets check out a quick Before shot. All in all, not a bad kitchen, just not one I was in love with.

So I started the deconstruction. Not too much had to be done yet as we painted the existing cabinets. But I did have to pull off every door and many of the drawers and haul them all down to the dungeon basement.

Oh yeah folks! My boys and I spent a good two to three days down here painting all of those doors. Luckily they have a little play area down here to keep them occupied.

Meanwhile... this is what my kitchen looked like! This is not a fun stage to live in! When I finally got all of the cabinets painted and hung back up I started with the countertops. Actually the island countertops were already finished in the above picture. I am so glad I did them separate from the rest.... You will see why in a second.

While working on the rest of the counters we have a TON of stuff piled up on that island. I don't even know where it would all go if that was curing too! Notice I found a place where I could still have my coffee maker plugged in! Mama NEEDS her coffee people! 

Oh! And my lovely new dining room I just finished??? Yeah piled high with more junk from the kitchen!

Why yes of course that is a kitchen sink laying in the floor! And yes that is a dish drainer on my pretty new sideboard!

Is all the work and chaos worth it? I think so. But I would do well to think more on the During before I go into my decorating frenzies! Anyone else struggle with this? Please say its not just me!

Hopefully, by this time next week we will have some order back in our lives again..... at least until the next project!

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  1. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited to see and hear about your countertops... if you didn't catch on to that from my exclamation points.