Monday, June 27, 2011

Over the weekend a good friend rebuked me reminded me that I had never blogged about my FIRST WEDDING!! I am not sure how I forgot to do so. But it is an error quicky remedied! This winter I was honored to be a part of a good friends quaint and beautiful wedding! There were so many gorgeous details about this DIY wedding! All kinds of hand made and vintage lovliness, which is fitting because the bride herself is so lovely! Although I am so late in saying so, Thank you John and Joanna for the priviledge of documenting your beautiful day!

The bride made her own boquet of ranunculas!

Pies instead of cake! Look at those sweet pie birds!

Sweet nephews of the bride getting their sugar high!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

F-f-f-free makeover!!!

Yeah! I said free! Sometimes it is easy to forget that change doesn't have to require a lot of money! Last week I got that twitch.... that I need a fresher feeling in my home kind of twitch! Of course there are plenty of ways to do that with some extra cash in your pocket. But this particular twitch came upon right after a "family budget meeting". The timing is a little ironic, don't ya think?

The room in question was the living room. We have a very open plan in our home where the kitchen/breakfast nook and living room all blend together.

Before, I had the room positioned with the couch dividing the space from the kitchen into the living room. I some changing around and came up with this.

It feels so much more open now! I love it! Obviously there are a few other changes that have been made since that before picture, but I forgot to take a before picture in my rush to rearrange when the mood struck! You know how it goes!

So I now have what feels like an all new room for no money! Love that! And did you notice that my sweet hubs hid those cords for the TV???? And on Father's day no less! What a guy!

What was that? You said YOU have been wanting a change but have been bummed about lack of funds? Well, get your tail up and play around with what you have! You just might surprise yourself!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A few more pictures of the desk!

 I had a couple of requests for more pictures so here you go!!

Here are a few more of the top and over all desk.

Look at ALL  that storage!!! LOVE!!

In fact, my four year old can fit in one of the cubbies!! (Not that I would ever keep him there ;))

Maybe, I'll just keep his millions of coloring books and crayons in there instead. Seriously, those things pile up when you purchase one or two from the dollar spot every time you're in Target!

And here are a few more of the pages I took from the book. This one makes me laugh every time!

I placed this one on correct posture right next to my chair as a reminder. ;) 

And here is what happens when you have a busy two and four year old "playing" upstairs while you take a few more pictures for your blog.

Yes, my children drew a "hopscotch course" on the carpet with purple crayon! One that apparently incorporates a spider man web! Really?? Luckily for me and for them it actually vacuumed up! Whew!

Friday, June 10, 2011

The (almost) finished office!

I have been slowly trying to transform my office space into something more inspiring and functional. Go here for a reminder of how the room looked before. After that, I added my vintage chair and my burlap drapes. Then I waited and waited for further inspiration to strike. I knew that I wanted the space to be different, but blend well with the rest of the house as it is the first room you see when you come in. Well inspiration finally struck... in a thrift store, of course! I found this book for $2.00.
I picked it up and started glancing through it. It was awesome!! This book had "information" on EVERYTHING!! Check out the copyright date!

Well, I knew I wanted to incorporate this book in a fun way. So the wheels, they started turnin! Then I found these shelving units at Target. 

"Would it work??? It would be stinkin' HUGE! But huge could be good! But it would be HUGE!!!" Oh sorry that was the conversation going on in my head when this idea started coming together.

Anyway, I decided to get two of the shelves and my sweet hubs said he would build a desk top for me. You following so far? Yeah, you guessed it... those awesome pages are gonna get to know some Mod Podge real well!!  So I made a HUGE desk decoupaged with little nuggets of wisdom from 1953. You wanna see how it turned out?? I thought you would ;)

It was so hard to narrow it down to a couple of the pages as there are close to 100 of them all over the top of the desk. If you want to see more...just ask!! There are dancing instructions... bug charts...flower charts... travel info... how to tell someones personality by the shape of their skull (for reals)!!! I love this desk! It makes me smile. It makes interesting conversation when someone else is in my office.

Here are a couple more views of the office.

And, because it is so ginormous I can share it with my munchkins. Those ottomans not only store their toys, but they can pull them out and join me at my desk without being in my way at all!

I think they like it. And then I get to look at this precious view while I'm working!

I made myself a couple of cute pillows, one for my "reading nook" with a vintage camera on it. (I used the same transfer paper as for my pottery barn pillows)

Then just a burlap pillow with my initials "sharpied" on.

Whew! Anyone still here..... anyone.....anyone.....crickets! Well, overall I am pleased. I am really enjoying my new office space. I would still love to add a few more pops of color here and there, but I am glad the hard work is done! Now onto the dining room. Yeah it's getting a little nip/tuck done as well. She was just so jealous that the new office was getting so much attention!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I spent Memorial day weekend celebrating my lil sis getting married. She had a beautiful backyard spring wedding. I have hardly any pictures to share as I was busy with bridesmaid duties instead of behind the lens. She had a photo booth though so you can see a smidgen of our family's craziness! And my husband at least got a couple of shots of our boys ruining their sweet wedding outfits with giant lollipops! :)

Here is a shot of the three sisters and one of our cousins. We were trying to be "sexy" (I'm on the left... isn't my husband a
lucky fellow??;))

While the wedding was beautiful, it was an unseasonably cold day so I spend the majority of the reception in my husbands suit jacket.

Here is the whole combined crazy family!
LOVE that face!!

And here is my little sweetie!!!

 I have a couple of projects to finish up and share but this is what I have been up to all this last week! Congratulations Sis and new Bro in law!! I wish you both a  life full of love and blessings!