Monday, May 16, 2011

pottery barn butterfly pillow

Did you know that you can make your own version of these super cute super springy Pottery Barn pillows with a little fabric, inkjet transfer paper, some basic sewing skills and a half an hour??? I did!

Their not perfect, but it only cost me the $8.00 or so for the transfer paper. I had the fabric leftover from another project and I just found some cute butterfly pictures on Google images. LOVE. Welcome to Spring dear sofa!

Friday, May 13, 2011

painted table and a chair's found potential

Let me tell ya! It has been a week here in Crazy town! One of those that by Friday night leaves me wanting nothing more than  a long hot bath, a good book and a weekend long escape! Is that too much to ask??? Don't get me wrong, I love my children, but they about drove me to my brink this week!! So the projects I am sharing were actually done last week, but I haven't gotten around to blogging about them.

So the I finished(?) the chair from this post. I still don't know if I am in love with it. We left off at re webbing in the previous post. We also had to re-tie the springs. This part was not so fun. Luckily my sweet sweet husband helped me out a little a lot with this part! I tied them onto the webbing and I came home one night to find this:

I attempted it. Really I did. But I thought my head was going to EXPLODE trying to get those springs to lay right.

After that I tried just putting a few layers of batting over and the burlap, then sitting on it. My tush had some major protests! One of the back springs was determined to remind me of its presence. Since I hadn't budgeted for foam as well. (That stuff is not cheap) I went down to my stash and found some leftover scraps from the kitchen chair project. I pieced them together as best I could layered lots of batting over it and reupholstered. Bonus?? I actually had enough drop cloth leftover from the kitchen chair project as well, so that cost me nothing! So that is FIVE chairs recovered with one drop cloth!

Anyway, here is the final product.

I still feel like maybe it needs a little somethin' somethin'. At least a nice colorful pillow. I also considered doing some simple stripes like a vintage grain sack look.  Kinda like these:
Whatcha' think??

Also I painted the table to go with my new chairs

a couple coats of Zinsser primer and a few coats of Rustoleum Heirloom White and tada...

I love how bright this area is now!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Thrift store love!

I have started to notice lately that the area around where I live seems to be thrift store central! It seems like once a month I drive by a sign advertising another one I have never heard of before. Of course, this means that I have been trying like crazy to check them all out!! I love going into thrift stores. It is such a thrill walking in, wondering if you are going to walk out with something that will become a lovely treasure! I love the feeling of finding something I know will be beautiful, but watching people look at me like I have lost my mind because I am actually buying "that".  My latest find earned a couple of comments from the check out clerk. I didn't care though. I just might be in love.

So what I found was this:

The cost was $10.00. Apparently no one wanted to buy it because of the gross looking dried flowers inside.

Lucky for me the bottom was loose and I could tell that was going to be a really easy fix. I unscrewed the bottom.

Gently pulled it apart.

Then chucked this gross stuff in the trash.

A quick coat of ORB spray paint on the base and my pretty girl was reborn.

Here she is with an extra lamp shade sitting in my dining room.

Does she remind you a little of these or is it just me? The cheapes of these bases goes for $169.00!! I am way proud of my savings!!

via pottery barn

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