Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back home!

I was so fortunate to grow up in a wonderful place with some land and some nature and plenty to explore. I grew up in Kansas on a "farm". Not the kind with eggs to be gathered and cows to be milked. The kind with lots of crop, that is actually leased out to another farmer, but we had acres upon which to roam and explore as kids. I love looking back on those days of play, but what I love even more is that my folks are still there and I can take my boys back to enjoy the "magic" of all that nature! If it was that wonderful for me as a little girl, I can only imagine how my little crazies who love to get dirty feel when they are there. We went back for very short visit this weekend and my boys got to get their hands (and feet and legs and face) dirty.

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  1. I love their matching converse shoes! :) These are GREAT pictures. Looks like a lot of fun!