Thursday, March 24, 2011

A simple little touch of Spring

I told you all I'd post a little of what I'd been up to. Last year, I bought a lovely ivy topiary to place in my kitchen behind my sink. My black thumb killed it. Yes, I managed to kill ivy! So I needed some green in my house to celebrate spring, but it clearly had to be lower maintenance than ivy..... which can only mean......not living! I stopped by Wal-Mart and got a Styrofoam ball and a bag of the green floral moss. Pulled out my BFF, the glue gun and got to stickin! When that part was done, I literally went into my yard, grabbed a branch off my tree and stuck it in the moss ball. Then I just needed to put some floral foam in my pretty pot and add a little more moss to cover that. It makes me smile while I do the dishes......or at least it makes doing dishes slightly more bearable! ;)


  1. Ha when I was in your kitchen I kept thinking what kind of plant is's amazing. HAHA, I LOVE that it's not adds a great pop of fresh green color! You're a genius of disguises! ;0)