Thursday, April 7, 2011

Works in progress

Warning.... this post will involve an attempt at depth. I know, I know, some of you out there didn't know I had it in me.

A year ago, after we bought this house my husband bought me a lovely (in my mind at least) antique chair. Whoa, deja vu. No I am not simply re posting about the OTHER  antique chair I coaxed him into buying. Anyway, similar enough story.... girl meets chair, girl loves chair, husband buys girl the chair. Girl gets home.... rips the chair apart, gets overwhelmed and banishes chair to the garage. Until a week ago or so. I have spent the last couple of weeks stripping the chairs original finish off and adding a new coat of tongue oil.

Yesterday and today I tried my hand at re-webbing. So, here she is... my current work in progress.

The funny thing about this chair...even from the beginning is that when  look at her I don't see the neglected sad chair in the back corner of the antique store. Or even the mediocre at best webbing job. I see..... potential. I see possibilities. I see the the beautiful end result that will come with just a little (or maybe a lot) of TLC.

It got me thinking. What if I could see all people, including myself, the way I see my projects. What if instead of rough edges and unpolished finishes I saw works in progress full of potential. Would I have a little more patience, knowing that it is too soon to expect the beautiful finish? Would I be motivated myself to give some of the TLC required for that finish rather that just a steaming pile of judgement? The fact is that we are all just big works in progress. Luckily we have the most amazing DIYer EVER willing to spruce us up if we will just give ourselves up willingly. I feel so blessed that God can look at me and see something beautiful even if I am cracked, unpolished and maybe a little caddywampus. One of my goals over this next year is to become more patient with others and have the same grace with them. Join me if you dare and be graceful with those you know, those you meet and even yourself! We DIYers pride ourselves on the knowledge that even the saddest looking finds can be polished up to become show pieces!!! The same is true for people. We are not always what we appear. And a sometimes you just have to get to know someone to see the true beauty.

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