Thursday, April 14, 2011

Waste not!

So,  have seen all these cute cloches and terrariums around blog land and thought they were super cute! I want one! I've seen a couple at hobby lobby and home goods, but I just haven't wanted to spend the money on them. So.... enter a horribly ugly light fixture I found at a garage sale last fall for $5.00. I forgot to take a before picture of it all together. I actually bought it for the small chandelier inside the oak and brass surround. I thought it would be perfect for a friend's kitchen redo.

Anyway... I never threw out the cover because I was convinced I could do something with it. Well, this week I decided to have a go at it. Here is the before. I had already started painting when I realized I still needed to take a pic.

I painted the wood part a green color, which I later topped with a lighter green color.

I then covered the old brass with silver leaf. If you have ever worked with silver leaf you know it can be a messy frustrating job. But they now have some packaged on like a wax paper and it helps SO much with the mess!

half brass, half silver leaf

Once that part was done I used some antiquing glaze to age all of it a bit.

My two year old wanted to help with this which resulted in this little treat!

Thank goodness I had freezer paper down!

Here is a close up of the finished product.

And here are a couple of pictures of where it ended up. I haven't decided if it will stay or not. I had forgotten before I did the whole thing that it had tinted glass in it. Every time I see it it reminds  me of those glasses that tint in the sun and never seem to really become clear once inside. Not really dark, but not clear either. But I thought I would share it anyway. Really I didn't lose anything, since I already had all of the supplies on had for the project. If I hadn't tried I'd never have known!!

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