Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Super hero games

 When I started planning this party I knew that we could have quite a few kids there and I wanted to make sure we had plenty to keep them busy and try to run off all the sugar they would be consuming! :) I had seen online a few different ideas for a "Super Hero Training Obstacle Course" and I knew it would be super easy to create and the kids would love it! I was right. I only had to purchase a couple of things to fill the course out, the rest was either easy to print off or I already had on hand.

We started the course with our Little Tykes slide. Admittedly it most of the kids had outgrown this model, but they still seemed to enjoy it.

From the slide, they moved on to the "balance beam" which was just a two by four we had in the garage. 

Most of the courses I saw online had hula hoops for the kids to run through, but I wasn't able to find any.  I did, however, find swimming noodles on clearance for just over a dollar. I bought two, cut them in half and created "hurdles". Again not terribly challenging for some of the kids, but we had some really young ones and I wanted to make sure they could all participate.

Here is the birthday boy with his Grandma helping him through the course.

Then I set up a few cones for them to run through

From there they went into the tunnel. We had received two of these as gifts at some point so I tied them both together to make an extra long tunnel!

The final part was to take out the villains!:) I had printed pictures of a few of the well known villains and tacked them to our trees. The kids got to use Silly String to "web" the bad guys.

Overall, it was a big hit. The kiddos ended up running through it over and over again before they got tired of it!

Tomorrow I'll have just a couple more activities from the party to share and then I will shut up about the party already! (Promise)

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