Monday, August 8, 2011

chair update

Remember this chair? Well, while she was functional, she was a little bland for me. I have had some free time as my boys have been on vacation with their grandparents for a week. My main focus has been cleaning out my basement, but I've tried to squeeze in some other little projects here and there as well.

So I saw this interesting chair on Anthropologie's website and I loved the colorful piping and the stripes.

So I made some double welting tape with some fabric I had leftover from pillows.  I had a tutorial on how to make it, but..... that method failed. So I came up with my own way and it worked out better for me. I made enough to cover all the edges of my chair and hot glued it in place. 

Then I mixed a couple of colors of green craft paint with a little water and taped off to paint a couple of stripes going down the middle of the chair. 

I LOVE  the final result. 

One more before and after shot

I'm so happy that I took the risk to give the chair a little more pep. It went from blah to Blam!!! Yeah, I said Blam!!! 

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