Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alright then! As promised, here are some of the final details of the Super Hero party and then I will move on! I actually have a GIRL project to show you all later this week! Say what?? 

Anyway... after we sugared the kids up with cupcakes and ring pops I had another game planned to help run off some of the excess energy. We sent them on a Kryptonite hunt! I had bought a couple of bags of rocks at the Dollar Tree and a can of florescent green spray paint. I sprayed all of the rocks and had my brother in law scatter them around the yard for the kiddos to find. We had them use tongs so they wouldn't touch it. It is poison for Super Heros you know!!

I guess he is immune to Kryptonite! 

Here it is glowing away in the bucket we had the kids collecting it in.

I had a couple of places set up for photo ops for the kids. I wish that I had been more organized about making sure everyone got over there as I forgot to get a couple of kids "posing" in Super Hero mode. I had the batmobile set up. I made the signs with card stock a sharpie and craft sticks.

This one makes me laugh every time I see it! His face is priceless!

My little batman

I hung a simple polka-dot fabric purchased at Hobby Lobby as a back drop for some more sign poses. 

We have the Melissa and Doug cardboard blocks (which are awesome)! And we set them up for the heros to knock down walls!

You may have noticed throughout the posts that each child was wearing a cape. To make them I bought tank tops from Wal-Mart, cut them in have and made two capes from each tank top. I used a variety of ribbon I had on hand to cover the raw edges. On half of them I used a freezer stencil of the lightning bolt with fabric paint and the other half I used felt cut into the shape and fabric glue. If you all have more questions, ask a way, I took a few pictures of that process. I just don't want to Super Hero you all out!

A close up of my favorite girly cape. Pink, embellished with rick-rack.

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