Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A few more pictures of the desk!

 I had a couple of requests for more pictures so here you go!!

Here are a few more of the top and over all desk.

Look at ALL  that storage!!! LOVE!!

In fact, my four year old can fit in one of the cubbies!! (Not that I would ever keep him there ;))

Maybe, I'll just keep his millions of coloring books and crayons in there instead. Seriously, those things pile up when you purchase one or two from the dollar spot every time you're in Target!

And here are a few more of the pages I took from the book. This one makes me laugh every time!

I placed this one on correct posture right next to my chair as a reminder. ;) 

And here is what happens when you have a busy two and four year old "playing" upstairs while you take a few more pictures for your blog.

Yes, my children drew a "hopscotch course" on the carpet with purple crayon! One that apparently incorporates a spider man web! Really?? Luckily for me and for them it actually vacuumed up! Whew!

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