Tuesday, June 21, 2011

F-f-f-free makeover!!!

Yeah! I said free! Sometimes it is easy to forget that change doesn't have to require a lot of money! Last week I got that twitch.... that I need a fresher feeling in my home kind of twitch! Of course there are plenty of ways to do that with some extra cash in your pocket. But this particular twitch came upon right after a "family budget meeting". The timing is a little ironic, don't ya think?

The room in question was the living room. We have a very open plan in our home where the kitchen/breakfast nook and living room all blend together.

Before, I had the room positioned with the couch dividing the space from the kitchen into the living room. I some changing around and came up with this.

It feels so much more open now! I love it! Obviously there are a few other changes that have been made since that before picture, but I forgot to take a before picture in my rush to rearrange when the mood struck! You know how it goes!

So I now have what feels like an all new room for no money! Love that! And did you notice that my sweet hubs hid those cords for the TV???? And on Father's day no less! What a guy!

What was that? You said YOU have been wanting a change but have been bummed about lack of funds? Well, get your tail up and play around with what you have! You just might surprise yourself!

1 comment:

  1. Looks good and makes your room look bigger as well.

    IF you see this, I was wondering how your husband "hid" the cords. Cords (can't stand them!) are keeping me from hanging our flat screen. Thanks so much.