Friday, June 10, 2011

The (almost) finished office!

I have been slowly trying to transform my office space into something more inspiring and functional. Go here for a reminder of how the room looked before. After that, I added my vintage chair and my burlap drapes. Then I waited and waited for further inspiration to strike. I knew that I wanted the space to be different, but blend well with the rest of the house as it is the first room you see when you come in. Well inspiration finally struck... in a thrift store, of course! I found this book for $2.00.
I picked it up and started glancing through it. It was awesome!! This book had "information" on EVERYTHING!! Check out the copyright date!

Well, I knew I wanted to incorporate this book in a fun way. So the wheels, they started turnin! Then I found these shelving units at Target. 

"Would it work??? It would be stinkin' HUGE! But huge could be good! But it would be HUGE!!!" Oh sorry that was the conversation going on in my head when this idea started coming together.

Anyway, I decided to get two of the shelves and my sweet hubs said he would build a desk top for me. You following so far? Yeah, you guessed it... those awesome pages are gonna get to know some Mod Podge real well!!  So I made a HUGE desk decoupaged with little nuggets of wisdom from 1953. You wanna see how it turned out?? I thought you would ;)

It was so hard to narrow it down to a couple of the pages as there are close to 100 of them all over the top of the desk. If you want to see more...just ask!! There are dancing instructions... bug charts...flower charts... travel info... how to tell someones personality by the shape of their skull (for reals)!!! I love this desk! It makes me smile. It makes interesting conversation when someone else is in my office.

Here are a couple more views of the office.

And, because it is so ginormous I can share it with my munchkins. Those ottomans not only store their toys, but they can pull them out and join me at my desk without being in my way at all!

I think they like it. And then I get to look at this precious view while I'm working!

I made myself a couple of cute pillows, one for my "reading nook" with a vintage camera on it. (I used the same transfer paper as for my pottery barn pillows)

Then just a burlap pillow with my initials "sharpied" on.

Whew! Anyone still here..... anyone.....anyone.....crickets! Well, overall I am pleased. I am really enjoying my new office space. I would still love to add a few more pops of color here and there, but I am glad the hard work is done! Now onto the dining room. Yeah it's getting a little nip/tuck done as well. She was just so jealous that the new office was getting so much attention!


  1. Love all the special details you added to your office, the huge desk is AWESOME!!! Followed from Tatertots and Jello party.

  2. I love it! That is one awesome room with great details. You should get published--PB will be copying YOUR idea!

  3. so creative with your desk, it turned out great. I saw the before picture, you did a great job

  4. I love the desk!!! what a great use of the book! I am an OB/Gyn nurse and have a 1950's OB book, now you gave me all sorts of ideas!!

  5. Need more pics of the desk!! I want one! This is awesome!

  6. Wow! I love your desk. I agree with Renae, more pictures of the desk would be great!

  7. I am bookmarking this and TOTALLY doing this ASAP. What an incredible inspiration. Thank you!

  8. This desk is awesome!! I have been wanting to make myself a desk and this one is great inspiration! What is the top made out of and how did your hubby secure it to the bookshelves?

  9. Thank you all for the kind comments! They mean so much to me! The desk top is made from a 4x8 piece of plywood from Home Depot and my husband just screwed it onto the shelves from underneath. I would recommend doing it quickly as my desk sat for a while and started to bow a little. If you make one I would love to see pictures!

  10. Amazing! I love the idea and your creativity...


  11. You did a fabulous job. I've been looking for ideas for desks for my kids playroom and this looks like it would be perfect. I have some fabulous picture books that I've been wanting to use. Thanks for the inspiration.