Monday, February 14, 2011

Pottery Barn clock knock off

First of all, can I just say.... there is no place like home!!! Seriously! I have been away for two weeks and I am SO happy to be back! I had a great time, but I wanted to kiss every wall when I made it home. That is until Destructor settled right back into his usual routine of, well, destroying everything in sight!! :) Lets just say shampooing carpets and re-hanging drapes is already on the to do list and we have been home less than 24 hours! Sigh!

But, onto the good stuff!!! My clock! This is another item that has been resting in my inspiration file for a while now and while I had the helpful, creative hands of my mom last week I set out to accomplish it. Unfortunately, I took all of the beginning pictures with her camera instead of my own so I can really only show you the after pictures for now. I will try to explain what I did and when I get those pictures I can update with a little more detail perhaps.

So.... this was my inspiration.

And here is my knock off!

I found a perfect black frame at hobby lobby on clearance and then did some brainstorming about how to make it all come together. I ended up using a plain white mat board as the face and one of the packaged clock sets you can get at the craft store. The hands that came with the clock set were too small, so I aslo bought a larger set of plain black hands.

Making the face was somewhat tedious. My mom and I measured and drew out with pencil the rectangles and angled sections. When we were satisfied I went back over them with a very fine tip sharpie. Then because of the funny angles I had to write all of the roman numerals by hand. Not easy as I am NOT an artist!! Once I finished, I simply cut a hole in the middle of the mat board and attached the clock mechanism. Then I glued the face into the frame. Easy Peasy! I love the finished product. I think it will find a home in my office somewhere!

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  1. YEAH! You did it!!! The clock looks amazing. I can't believe you drew all the numbers by hand, I think it gives it a very unique and high end quality. It doesn't look manufactured, you know! I LOVE IT, great job Lori! ;0)

  2. Outstanding. You did a wonderful job on this clock. I have always wanted to do one - this might be the push I need. TFS.

  3. You should be proud. Very stylish.