Monday, February 28, 2011

Monster shirts for the kiddos!

I posted before that I have been trying to involve my chillins in my crafting more lately. I found these super cute Monster iron on art kits at Hobby Lobby and thought they would be fun to do with the boys. Not to mention, they are easy and the mess is minimal! Love that!

The kit comes with a basic green monster body and then tons of options for the kids to choose how they want their monster to look. It was fun to see the things my boys wanted the same or different. For example, they both randomly insisted on a bow tie! Didn't see that coming. Destructor is still young enough that he needed a little more guidance so that it would be recognizable as a monster and not just random body parts ironed all over, but he still had some say in it.

Anyway, I won't go into detail about how we did it because the instructions on the package were really clear and easy to follow.

picture of the kit

Yes, my child spends many a day in his pajama top and a diaper. We are classy that way!

I love the irony of his sweet facial expressions with the mean looking monster he put together!

Little man was pretty wiley by the time I was trying to get pictures of the finished product

We tried many times! Not always easy to make a 2 year old pose!

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