Friday, November 4, 2011

Simple and Cheap wall baskets

I have been eyeing something like this beauty for a while now. I love the idea of carrying storage up onto the wall rather than being limited by what will fit onto your surfaces. While the basket below is a beauty, the price was a little out of my range... especially if I wanted more than one. 

Enter... the target dollar spot! Not exactly the place you expect to find a Ballard Design knock off. But when you are on a budget you learn not to rule anyplace out when looking for cheaper alternatives. Do you know how many talented bloggers out there have filled their homes with beautifully reworked items from the dollar store???? So, back at Halloween time I spotted these babies.

Notice the little ghost and everything on the basket. Now I am not entirely sure what made these baskets.... halloweeny. But they were $2.50 per basket. I walked past them on multiple trips to Target thinking how much I liked them. And then finally I was like.... they are $2.50 per basket!!! Just get them!

So I did. And I hung three of them on my wall behind my desk for collecting mail and other random items that find themselves laying around on my desk.

The only problem with these if you can tell from the above picture is that the bottoms only have wires going horizontally so mail and small items would slip right through. Hmm... what to do, what to do! Oh I know I call on my ever present super hero life saver....... Burlap! Come on.... you knew it was coming! I cut three little rectangles to line the bottom and voila!
Then, just because they still looked a little naked to me, I found some numbered tags at the local scrapbooking store to dress up the fronts a little.

And for less than $10.00 I have pretty little hanging baskets for storage. Now, these are much smaller than the Ballard Design baskets and not quite as charming, but they work well for my purposes.

So do you want to see a picture of my beautifully cleared off desktop???????

Too Bad!!! I don't have one to show you! Baby steps people.... baby steps!


  1. I love the numbers you created for them too!

  2. Disagree...I think they are equally charming and you cannot beat the price. I would love to do something similar inside my pantry door for extra storage! Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Love these! I'll have to check my Target asap because I sure can't afford BD! :)