Friday, November 11, 2011

For the love of Hoodies!

This is actually a project I finished a few weeks ago, but in the spirit of refashioning clothes thought I would share. I don't have a tutorial or anything, but if you all are interested, I think I am going to do a batman one similar for my younger son. So let me know and I will try to document the process better. 

When it came time to pull out our jackets this season, I realized we didn't have a light weight jacket that fit our older son. I went to Target to check how much it would cost to get a new "cute" jacket. They were $30! I really wasn't up for spending that much on a jacket that wouldn't get us all the way through Missouri's cold winters! So I checked the price of their plain Champion brand hoodies. I think this one was either $10 or $12. Less than half. I also purchased a clorox bleach pen... like $3. Those are the only purchases I made for this jacket.

After I made these jeans for my younger son. I wanted to do a Super Hero item for my older one as well. I used the bleach pen to draw some designs on the front and the back. The patch is a piece of canvas from a drop cloth. I drew the spider on and filled it in with embroidery. I also embroidered the Spider Man on the back. I love the end results and so does my son!

Here he is wearing it on his first field trip!