Thursday, February 23, 2012

Annnnnd we're back to white!

So, if you have been keeping up with me and my craziness for a while you will remember the risk I took in painting the surround of my fireplace after we moved into our current house.  My husband told me I could only share this post if I was willing to show the before, after and after after! :) I am a fickle gal!

Soon after we moved in our built ins around the fire place looked like this

Then I painted them black with some brown glaze for a more distressed look.

Then, I painted my kitchen and it was bright and white and lovely! And my shelves just didn't look right. We have a very open floor plan. In fact this is the view of the shelves if you are standing in the kitchen. So the dark just wasn't working for me anymore. 

So I went and got more paint (same color as my kitchen) and painted them back to white. This time with a little twist! The all white was still a little blah for me so I painted the back a lovely, but subtle spring green color!

And now... the after after:

I am smitten!! I have been tweaking a little here and there and there may still be a few small changes, but I really LOVE the results. It is bright and cheerful, but I feel like the green keeps it from feeling as cold as the all white shelves did to me.

I filled in the shelves mostly with what was already there. Some of those items got mini makeovers. A couple are new. And a few are thrifted and therefore, just new to me!

Here you can see my little anthro knockoff pot nestled in its new home on my shelves


  1. Ooh, love them! They look so refreshing.

  2. I really like the before but the after-after is amazing! I really need to paint the back of a bookshelf. We're trying to figure out what to do with our basement brick fireplace and it would just be so much easier if it wasn't off-center on a wall. Pinning this for future reference!