Friday, September 16, 2011

Feeling blessed

As I ran downstairs  on a shoe hunt for one of my children this morning I passed the window next to my front door and saw this through it. 

This, if you can't tell from this picture, is the small rose garden my husband planted for me in our front flower bed. See, I have always dreamt of having a rose garden. I'll admit I my dream may have been of  something on a slightly larger and grander scale than this. But those visions of grandeur are not exactly practical in our current home. But last fall my husband ripped out all of the boring bushes that filled our front flower bed, dug up all the dirt and did a soil analysis (he does nothing half way), and fertilized so we would have an ideal home for my small rose garden. He took me to pick out a variety of roses and planted them for me. Since then, he has been amazing to make sure they are watered, fertilized and dead headed to help them grow. He is an amazing man!!! 

Anyway, this morning as I ran by that window I was completely distracted from my shoe mission by the sheer beauty of simple rose bushes coated in last nights rain drops! Of course I had to stop what I was doing immediately, grab my camera and run out into my front yard. Yes, I was barefoot and in my pajamas, but I think as you look at these shots, you will agree that it was totally worth the weird looks from my neighbors. 

I hope this post finds you all seeing small reminders of just how blessed you are as well!