Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can you spot the Spidey?

We have been joking about how this spiderman has become our two year old's new "pacifier". He takes it with him EVERYWHERE  he goes! If we lose it for a period of time, he flips out!! I know a lot of kids have a binky, a blankie, a special stuffed animal. Not my son.... he chooses a spiderman cake topper to become obsessed with! I was looking through the pictures we have taken over the past month or so thinking I would blog about our trip to Nina and Pop's house. And then it almost became a game for me to see how many picutres I could find the spiderman in. So here it is... a game I call Can you spot the Spidey? (He calls it his Spidey)

You may have to look more closely at some of them, but I promise he is there... our friendly neighborhood spiderman. ;)


  1. that is truly hilarious... and also very sweet. what precious boys you have. :)

  2. I love this! I was born in July...by the time I was two, I carried around a flocked, hard plastic statue of Santa. Year. Round. I have "find the Santa" pictures hehehe :)