Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Teacher's gifts

I'M BAAAAACK! (Sorta). Whew, all of that painting must have taken it out of me! I have not felt like redoing anything in my house after that! My makeover efforts have been spent on myself rather than my house. I have been on a kick to get healthier and more fit and it has taken a lot of my time.

But I thought I would drop in today and share the teachers gifts I created for my older son's preschool teachers. I am in shock that I have finished registering him for Kindergarten next year! We went to his preschool graduation last night. It was completely adorable! They had the kiddos in little caps and gowns and everything!

I have been so blown away by the changes in him over this past year. He has always been our clingier child and we have watched him blossom into a little social butterfly with play dates practically every other week! His teachers have done such an amazing job at preparing him for this next step in life and I am so grateful to them for all they have taught him!

I put these little packages together with items from my all time favorite store.... TARGET! Seriously is there anything that place doesn't have???

I started with a little plastic tray they had in the kitchen organization aisle. I thought it would double as a great desk top organizer later. I added a candle, (Because who doesn't love  a great smelling candle???) some pretty desk top post it type papers from the Privet House collection and  some pretty spiral bound notepads. I also had my son color one of those little blank men as kind of a self portrait because I love to include something a little personal from him for the teachers to remember him by! And, lastly, because I don't think teachers are paid well enough for their efforts I threw in a small Target gift card so that they can treat themselves just a little! The note reads: "Thanks for all you've done! Because of you I am right on Target for kindergarten next year."  Yes, it includes a play off words for the Target gift card! I'm just nerdy that way and couldn't resist!

I always struggle with ideas for things like Teachers' gifts. I would love to know what kinds of things you all do for gifts!


  1. I've been missing you! Those baskets are cute and clever... I don't remember ever giving my teachers gifts! Oops!

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